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Donna Robbins Therapies

Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Facials, Rei-ki, Organic Skin Care & Natural Remedy Products, Talks, Workshops & Training Courses.
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L💗ve this........🧠👊🌺🌻🌷😃 “Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.” ― Osho
#powerofthemind #positivethinking #mentalattitude

Yes I know this is 💆‍♀️massage💆‍♂️ therapist nerdie 🤓 🤣....but rather excited about my oh so new fluffy towels 😁!
Any bodywork therapist will understand the beating couch laundry takes, the never ending washing & that after a while they just need replacing as they've faded out, gone l...

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OMG....So totally in 💖 love + my new hand crafted whipped body butter :)!!!
It's rich & yet light, deeply nourishing for the skin & decadently fragrant!
Inc': cocoa butter, shea butter, sunflower oil, coconut oil, carrot phytol & monoi de tahiti (coconut oil infused + gardenia flowers)'s c...

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💐 Lavender teaming with bumble bees at the amazing 🏡, a real hidden jem of Kent, last weekend.
One of my favourite aromatic herbs & something I use on a regular basis in my therapeutic practice.
It has such a wide therapeutic sphere of action being indicated as a 'Rescue ...

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😀 How lovely to get a beautiful thank you 🙏 card from an ex-client/student........
Recently I've been liaising with Wendy Gardener (a student from 2003 when I taught many moons ago at The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy on the diploma course at Regent's College).
She w...

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Awesome evening yesterday giving an Aromatherapy Talk & Roll-on making Workshop to the ladies at

We had a great time learning about aromatic medicine & how to use it.
Thank you everybody :)!

RISE stands for Reassure/Identify/Support/Empower & is a group that supports women surv...

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Taking bookings for...............

An interactive 2 day #aromatherapy & #massage IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) accredited #CPD #course + Jo Kellett TIDHA MIFPA CIMI of & Donna Robbins PGCE ITHMA ...

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🥕WILD CARROT (Daucus maritimus)🥕......whilst away on holiday recently I was out exploring a nature reserve in Dorset & came across this little beauty.....what a pleasant suprise 😀!
Perhaps not the best known of aromatic plants but defo' one of my favourite essential oils.
Steam distilled from ...

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#AromatherapyAwarenessWeek 10th - 16th June 2019 - highlighting the wonderful benefits that essential oils have to offer.

The oils are extracted from plants & used to treat health conditions naturally in a variety of ways.
I discovered the benefits of aromatherapy whilst addressing my own heal...

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Organic Aromatherapy

  • Aromatherapy & treatments (Holistic & Clinical)

    All therapy treatments include organic aromatherapy at no extra cost to you. Oils are selected after a consultation & chosen together by therapist & client according to your health requirements & preferences. However if you do not wish to have this included as part of your treatment then that's ok.
  • Aromatherapy bespoke blends for home use

    Professional in-clinic therapy sessions are great but not the only way to utilise aromatherapy. Your aromatherapy treatment may be continued at home to further support your health & well-being. There are many ways you can use this effective form of therapy at home - creams, oils, roll-ons, sprays, compresses, baths, inhalations & vaporisation are just a few of the ways. I am happy to offer advice & guidance for free. Or source products & make bespoke preparations for home use (at an additional cost). Essential oils, aromatherapy & natural remedy products are also avail’ for you to buy from my on-line shop @
  • SHOP ON-LINE for Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Skin Care & Natural Remedy Products

    Neal's Yard Organic Products.......gorgeous, award winning, safe, non-toxic, synthetic free & ethical aromatherapy, skin care & natural remedy products are avail' on-line. You may find my on-line shop @


  • Therapeutic / Remedial / Deep Tissue / Aromatherapy

    Massage for all health issues ranging from relaxation / stress management to remedial, soft tissue & musculoskeletal issues - 30 minutes £25, 60 minutes £40 or 90 minutes £60.
  • Pregnancy, Labour & Post-Natal Care (Massage, Reflexology or Rei-ki)

    These Holistic Therapies are safe, natural & effective ways to reduce discomfort, nurture both you & your developing baby & support your post-natal recovery & well-being - 30 minutes £25, 60 minutes £40 or 90 minutes £60.
  • Indian Head Massage

    A seated, 30 minute, massage treatment of the upper back & arms, shoulders, neck, head & face from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine system. An optional hair oiling treatment is available for an extra charge.
  • Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage

    A, 40 minute, massage of the shoulders, neck, head & face from the ancient Tibetan Ayurvedic medicine system. A gentle treatment performed with client lying on a massage table that encourages deep relaxation.
  • Slavic Massage

    An ancient style of massage originating from Eastern European nomadic society. This, 60 minute, treatment uses warmed aromatic oils & has an influence on the nervous system that is deeply calming.
  • Hot (& Cold Stone) Massage

    This, now fashionable, Geo-Thermal form of bodywork dates back thousands of years within both Asian & Native Indian American cultures. Hand-crafted stones are used as part of therapeutic massage. The Hot stones - warm & soothe muscles tension, increase circulation & encourage relaxation of body & mind. The Cold stones – help reduce inflammation, swelling, tissue damage & injury or trauma in the body. Alternating the hot & cold stones is a type of vascular gymnastics. Blood vessels dilate when hot stones are used & constrict when cold stones are used. This opening & closing of the vessels causes a pumping action within our circulatory systems helping every cell to receive more oxygen, nutrients & increases removal of waste products & toxins. The result is we achieve a similar level of relaxation & rejuvenation as if going to a sauna & then jumping in the plunge pool. Treatments may also be done with just hot or cold stones - 60 minutes £45.
  • Acupressure & Meridian Massage

    Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this treatment focuses on the energy pathways & pressure points of the body to restore imbalances & promote good health - 30 minutes £25, 60 minutes £40 or 90 minutes £60.
  • Rocking & Pulsing Therapy

    Often called the ‘Tai-Chi’ of massage, this treatment combines movements of stretching, lifting & rotating with a continuous rhythmic rocking to promote release of physical & psychological tensions. Treatment is performed with the client fully clothed on the massage couch. This is a 60 minutes treatment.
  • Workplace / Corporate Therapies (Massage, Reflexology & Rei-ki)

    Providing Massage Therapy at work reduces employee stress, enhances well-being & increases staff productivity. Treatments avail' from £15 for a 20 minute session per person (min' of 6 persons required).
  • Event & Promotional Therapies (Massage, Reflexology & Rei-ki)

    Utilising therapies at your events & company promotions are very effective ways of engaging customers & showcasing your products. Please contact me to discuss your requirements / for more information.


  • Reflexology (Feet)

    Areas of the feet corresponding to the whole body are worked using thumb & finger techniques to release congestion & encourage better health by improving circulation & reducing stress levels. This is a 60 minute treatment.

Aromatherapy Facials (+ Neal's Yard Remedies Products)

  • Facials

    Gorgeous, relaxing, luxury beauty facials using safe, ethical & award wining products from Neal's Yard Remedies. Facials inc': Cleanse, exfoliate, mask, steam/hot towels, several tonings, eye toning gel & massage of neck/shoulders/face/scalp - 30 minutes £25 or 60 minutes £45.


  • Rei-ki (Energy Renewal / Hands on Healing)

    This ancient Japanese Energy Healing Therapy activates: relaxation, self-healing & a deep inner balance of Body & Mind. A Rei-ki treatment is performed with the client fully clothed on the massage couch & is received by hands placed in a series of positions around the body. This is a 60 minute treatment.

Gift Certificates

  • Holistic Therapy Gift Vouchers - Massage, Reflexology, Facials & Rei-ki

    Make someone special happy by treating them to a bespoke caring experience. Ideal for any occasion! Vouchers are avail' at a price of your choice.

Pamper Parties, Hen Parties, Baby Showers & Girlie Gatherings

  • Pamper Parties

    Relax & enjoy holistic therapy treatments (aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, facials & rei-ki) in the comfort of your own home or venue of your choice. Each party is a bespoke package tailored to suit your guests. Perfect for all occasions and celebrations! Please contact me to discuss your requirements/for more information.

Organic Aromatherapy, Skin Care & Natural Remedy Products

  • Neal's Yard Organic Aromatherapy, Skin Care & Natural Remedies

    Organic, natural, safe & ethical award winning products that work in harmony with your body are avail’ from me. There are 3 different ways to shop.......1. SHOP ON-LINE - 2. ORDER FROM ME - Tel: 07756 459427 or 3. HOST A PARTY (get a free mini facial, free gifts & discounted shopping) - Tel: 07756 459427. I am an Independent Neal's Yard Organic Remedies Consultant and happy to discuss your needs offer advice for free.

Talks, Workshops & Training Courses

  • Talks & Workshops - Aromatherapy, Massage, Reflexology & Relaxation / Stress Management

    Learn about complementary therapies, stress management & relaxation. Sessions are tailored to suit your group needs & are offered at all levels from beginner to postgraduate. To discuss your requirements & for further information please contact me. Tel: 07756 459427 or email
  • Professional Post Graduate Training Courses (CPD) - Aromatherapy & Massage

    IFPA Accredited CPD Aromatherapy & Massage Training Courses in London & Brighton. Taught by myself & Jo Kellett TIDHA, MIFPA, CIMI. Courses currently offered: Fertility, Pregnancy, Menopause, Digestion, Indian Head Massage & Aromatic Acupressure Head Massage. Please contact me for more information. Tel: 07756 459427, email or visit -


3 months ago
My partner booked me a facial and a massage with Donna Robbins and I have to say, it was one of the best treatments I have ever had (and I've had quite a few.) Donna made me feel very relaxed and comfortable on arrival. She asked me about any medical or pain related issues and completed a form (which is essential.) I had the massage first and was sent instantly to a blissful and calm state/feeling. I suffer from lower back pain and Donna knew exactly where to concentrate on as I had explained earlier and used the correct pressure. My facial was also amazing and I left feeling glowing. I spoke about my skin concerns and Donna worked out which oils and creams would be best. After my treatment, I felt so good and relaxed. The treatment room smells lovely and has relaxing music playing and all Donna's certificates are displayed. She has an impressive 20 years experience which is evident in her knowledge and touch. I will definitely be returning for more treatments. Thank you Donna...
- Kelly W
a month ago
The best massage therapist I've had the pleasure of meeting. Both technically and professionally light years ahead. An absolute gem to have in Margate. So good that my whole family is booked in with her...
- Andrew H
a week ago
This has to be one of the best experiences of massage therapy that I have had, the consultation pinpointed exactly what was needed and donna executed the massage with utmost professionalism and the years of experience certainly showed as the effect of it was immediate, I highly recommend her services and would urge anybody to try, you will not regret it.
- dale b


ABOUT - Donna Robbins Therapies is passionate about supporting health & well-being of Body & Mind. A complementary therapist & teacher with many years experience successfully helping people with a broad spectrum of health issues. A member of ‘The Federation of Holistic Therapists’, a professional association for therapists that have undertaken training to the highest standards. Members adhere to a strict ‘Code of Ethics’ ensuring that high standards of professional integrity & healthcare are maintained. Donna is also an Independent Consultant for Neal’s Yard Remedies, an award winning Organic Skin Care & Natural Remedies company.

INSPIRATION – Donna discovered the benefits of complementary therapies whilst addressing her own health issues in her twenties. Her keen interest in aromatherapy & massage led her to pursue professional qualifications. Her initial training was undertaken with Gabriel Mojay, Author of ‘Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit’, at ‘The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy’

CAREER - Since 1999 she has undertaken many post-graduate forms of training & continuing professional development. Donna has spent her career working in private practice & for charitable organisations, with a broad range of clients & also specialising in HIV, AIDS & Cancer support. She currently works with ‘The Harmony Trust’, a charity providing NHS approved therapies to those coping with serious life altering illnesses for free.  

TEACHING – Donna studied at Exeter & Greenwich Universities & is a PGCE qualified teacher. She has taught beginner to post-graduate levels for many years. Throughout her teaching career she has run courses for & worked with: Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy, International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists, Raworth International College of Natural, Nutrition & Sports Therapies, Exeter Natural Health Centre, Association of Physical & Natural Therapists & Vital Touch.

TALKS & WORKSHOPS – Learn about complementary therapies, stress management & relaxation. For: interest groups, schools, corporations & events / festivals etc. Sessions are tailored to suit the group’s needs & are offered for all levels from beginner to postgraduate. For more info’ & to discuss your requirements please call  07756 459427 or email donnarobbinstherapies@gmail  

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING COURSES – Donna & Jo Kellet TIDHA MIFPA CIMI currently offer IFPA Accredited Aromatherapy & Massage CPD Training Courses in London & Brighton. Courses are in the following subject areas: Fertility, Pregnancy, Menopause, Digestion,  Indian Head Massage & Aromatic Acupressure Head Massage. For more information visit - or contact: Donna on 07756 459427 / or
Jo on 07970 773030 /

HEALTH & WELL-BEING CONSULTANCY – Donna is an Independent Neal's Yard Organic Remedies Consultant, She offers helpful advice on how to care for your health both inside & out in a natural non-toxic, synthetic free way. All the Aromatherapy, Skin Care & Natural Remedy products are: * Organic * Safe * Ethical * Award winning!
Products are avail’ to purchase in 3 different ways:
2. ORDER DIRECTLY by phone
3. HOST A PARTY – in the comfort of your own home (get a free mini facial, free gifts & discounted shopping)
For more information, to discuss your needs or place an order contact Donna on 07756 459427 / 

- Massage (Therapeutic / Remedial / Deep Tissue / Myofascial release / Aromatherapy)
- Organic Aromatherapy: Treatments, bespoke home use preparations & on-line shopping @
- Reflexology
- Organic Facials
- Hot & Cold Stone Massage
- Indian Head Massage
- Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage
- Slavic Massage
- Pregnancy, Labour & Post-Natal care
- Acupressure & Meridian Massage
- Rocking & Pulsing
- Rei-ki
- Pamper Parties
- Corporate & Work Place Therapies (Massage, Reflexology & Rei-ki)
- Promotional & Events Therapies (Massage, Reflexology & Rei-ki) 

BENEFITS OF TREATMENTS - Using both Eastern & Western approaches to Aromatherapy & Bodywork, Donna is able to work on both a physical & energetic level, tailoring treatments to specific needs. All therapies are safe & natural methods of releasing stress & related conditions. They are comforting, supportive ways of helping a multitude health concerns & may be used alone or alongside orthodox medicine. Treatments may benefit everyone whether their health is good or requires improvement. Therapies have positive influence on all the bodily systems & may relax, revive, refresh, replenish vitality, improve & help maintain a sense of well-being. Assisting you to feel happier & healthier; making life easier to cope with. It’s advisable to drink water & keep a little time free in your personal schedule after a treatment to maximise benefits. 

APPOINTMENTS - Treatments are avail' from her private practice conveniently situated 1 minute from Margate Train Station. Mon'-Fri' 10am-8pm & Sat' 10am-5pm. By appointment only. Home visits are poss' although an additional fee may be required to cover travel costs. Appointments inc' a free consultation to ascertain requirements. All information is dealt with in the strictest confidence. A short telephone chat is required before initial bookings to ascertain requirements. PLEASE NOTE REQUESTS OF A SEXUAL NATURE WILL NOT BE ACCOMMODATED!

DISCOUNTS - available for students, Ageless Thanet Card Holders, People's Card Holders & those on benefits.

CANCELLATIONS POLICY - Please give 24hr notice if you wish to re-arrange/cancel appointments.

CONTACT - If you are in any doubt as to whether any of these therapies may help your particular circumstances or have questions about other services available please do contact Donna on 01843 223600 / 07756 459427 /

TESTIMONIALS - Reviews may be left on-line @ Google, Facebook, Yell or Thank you - I am very grateful for feedback :)!
Amazing massage therapy.  Amazing therapist. Massage is tailored to your unique needs & her in-depth knowledge of the body shines through. Ultimate professional & all round lovely person. I wouldn’t go to anyone else now! - Esther, Business Woman
I hobbled in to see Donna with a really painful back. Fantastic treatment. I walked out standing upright & with much reduced pain. Recommended to my parents who both found her to be the best Therapist they have ever had. – Angie, Charity Manager
Amazing reflexology treatment. Really enjoyed the session & felt very clear & balanced afterwards. Highly knowledgeable & experienced therapist. Defiantly recommend her treatments. – Lizzie, Massage Therapist
Really Good! Over the many years I have known Donna, she has had loads of referrals from me. – Rod, Chiropractor
Donna was my aromatherapy massage tutor & I have also completed a CPD with her. An exceptional bodyworker & skilled teacher. I recommend her courses to anyone! – Claire, Therapist & Organic Skin Care Consultant
Donna is an amazing therapist. Massage was best I've ever had. Donna. Friendly, professional & very experienced. Felt at ease straight away. Will definitely be passing her name onto friends & colleagues. – Kezia, Business Owner
I was comfortable & could see a difference straight away. It helped me believe in my recovery from back injuries. – Evie, Student
I've known Donna for years as a friend & a colleague. Had many treatments from her. Wonderful therapist. Her massage is sublime. She focuses on your needs & tailors the treatment to exactly what you want. I highly recommend her. – Jo, Therapist & Teacher
Just had my first session to help my back & hamstrings. Already I feel much better. – Andy, Technician & Mountain Biker
Visited Donna today after a stressful few months. Massage was one of the best I've ever had. I came out feeling fantastic. - Philip, Buildings Surveyor
Exceptional service from initial contact to end of therapy. Ideal location, by Margate train station.  I won’t be hesitating to book further sessions. Caring & a very professional approach.  I was struck by her ability to tune into my body. Definite balance of mind & body achieved. – Lorriane, Project Manager
I love having treatments with Donna. Caring & competent, she creates an individualised treatment that is just right. I am lucky to have found her! – Tamara, Lecturer

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